Radikal Araştırma

Radikal Araştırma

Authoritarian neoliberal policies are increasingly shaping contemporary research activities in Turkey and beyond. Political and financial pressures on researchers prevent them from addressing urgent topics and themes. Notable voices are sidelined by a lack of funding, and research projects are increasingly realized in a particularly conservative tone, lacking imagination.

We believe that salient radical research activity is necessary for informed critical decision making processes, public engagement and educational activities. We therefore initiated an alternative network of non-traditional, multidisciplinary collaborative research processes, RIT.

  • Addressing urgent topics which are not adequately studied

  • Using interdisciplinary methods and approaches beyond traditional disciplinary academic boundaries

  • Forming new working groups and initiate cross institutional working groups, and promoting collective action.

  • Creatively and systematically engaging with civil society

By opening up a new intellectual space, we aim to assemble collective energy and capacity and provide resources for researchers and practitioners.

  • Building and strengthening research communities

  • Making research more  easily communicable

  • Connecting researchers with broader communities of interest

  • Annotated bibliographies

  • Literature reviews

  • Reviews of practices

  • Data agglomeration

    • Summarizing recent work & Events

    • Announcing upcoming events (e.g. Conferences etc.)

    • Organizing calls for papers, policy briefs & presentations

    • Establishing research competitions

    • Facilitating & organizing funding for specific research projects, doctoral research and visiting scholars

    • Conducting in-house research